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  • Playing Sports

    Now's a good time to try a new sport or prepare for your upcoming sports season.

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  • Abusive Relationships

    Healthy relationships are all about respect and trust. But how do you recognize an abusive relationship?

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  • Nutrition and Fitness

    How much food should you eat? What's the best activity for you?

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Dwarfism: Emily's Story

Emily was adopted from Russia. In this video, she talks about how she overcame the many challenges she faced.

Parents and Family Q&A

  • Even if you don't always get along, most parents are supportive and understanding when they know what's going on. 

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  • Doctors recommend that we start getting involved in our medical care during our teens. It helps us be prepared to handle things as adults. And it can feel easier to share personal problems when it's just you and the doctor.

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  • Call before your appointment and ask if your doctor will talk to you alone. Then let the doctor take the lead and tell your parents. If you can't call ahead, tell the nurse that checks you into a room. 

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